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Jeff Hunt is joined by Steve Patterson, a former Athletic Director for the University of Texas plus General Manager experience in nearly every major sport, to discuss COVID-19 and what the new normal for athletic events will be.

Key Takeaways:

04:30 – Isolate a forward team that is fully responsible for what will be done to come back from this crisis.

09:40 – Look to your core values or mission statement for direction.

07:30 – Use this time to engage your fans and seek feedback from as many people as possible.

Students, sponsors, donors, faculty.

13:15 / 17:20 – Drive realignment.

Not purely by revenues, but rather efficiencies, safety, and necessity.

30:30 – Create and simulate plans for any possible crises that come after the comeback.

Do a vulnerability assessment to understand the most likely things to occur when things return to “normal.”

34:30 – How to look forward to the “other side” of the crisis. Vision cast the future with key constituents.

How have you been involving people in the process?

What are the fans and students saying?

42:35 – Q&A

How will schools make up for lost revenue from events that have been canceled so far?

During this “downtime,” where would you recommend investing the most time in communicating? Donors? Sponsors? Student-Athletes?