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In the age of content overload and binge-watching, controlling when and how your content is released can greatly impact audience engagement.

According to a Twitter Marketing report, 60% of TV superfans credit social platforms, specifically posts from friends and video previews, with motivating them to watch a new show, and “40% of superfans convince others to watch TV shows.” The power of this peer influence proves that online buzz is critical to viewership, and ultimately a show’s success. Legend Labs collected conversation data on the six most-watched TV shows released on HBO Max and Netflix in the last six months, with schedules varying from a one-time full season release to episodes that drop on a weekly basis.


Our analysis shows debuting episodes on a weekly basis saw a much higher total mention volume when compared with those that dropped all episodes at once. HBO programs Euphoria, Succession, and Peacemaker all saw more mention volume when compared to “binge” shows like Ozark, Raising Dion, and Sweet Magnolias. On top of that, conversation naturally sustained for a longer period of time for the weekly shows. 

When streaming services and brands are capable of producing content with strong storytelling that captivates an audience, they should be strategic about when the content is shared. This strategy can be used by any content creator to optimize and sustain conversation over time. When the release of content is timed right, it can be invaluable for brand building and brand loyalty.