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Spotify is listening, and so are we.

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is always a great time to reflect and look back, and Spotify has done a great job at offering its listeners a recap of their music and podcast preferences. Launched for the first time in 2016, Spotify Wrapped allows users to access and share data visualizations of their activity on the platform over the last year. Naturally, many decide to organically share their results on different social media channels and every year, the campaign goes viral. The platform also releases a “Culture and Trends” report that compiles the overall listening trends of “what the world is listening to”.

The initiative has inspired other digital platforms such as Reddit, Google Photos, and Instagram to activate similar campaigns, offering users a compilation of their favorite forums, pictures and activities. We felt inspired too, and have decided to give back to Spotify and look at how they have performed this year from an earned media perspective. How many users have talked about the listening platform on social media? What was the tonality of the conversation? What stories have been the most prominent? Here is our own Spotify Wrapped.

Creating interactive data and activity reports for users is a creative initiative that clearly builds brand presence and adds value for consumers. However, the end of the year presents a greater opportunity for organizations to look back, reflect and analyze the decisions, strategies, and initiatives they have put into place over the year. By determining different areas of success and improvement, organizations can more easily identify opportunities and inform strategy for the next year.