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Conversations in Crisis is back!

We are kickstarting a new chapter in the dialogue around crisis communications. We hope that this can be your go-to resource for insights, opinions, and best-practices relating to what we see occurring in the fast-paced world we live in.

2019 brought so many new challenges in the realm of crisis communications, and no doubt 2020 will be just as eventful. The NBA clashing with China, the Capital One data breach, the Starbucks bathroom scandal, and the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal barely scratch the surface.

On this page, you can expect weekly posts delving into current events from a public relations and brand managing perspective. There will also be insights and concepts shared from my book, Brand Under Fire: Crisis Communications in the Digital Age.

I hope you find value in this content, and encourage you to participate in the discussion and share your thoughts around these exciting topics.