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Driven by exponential growth within the organization and an increased need for their services the world over, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) wanted to conduct a brand assessment and rebrand exploration.

Building a bigger table

Informed by a thorough, data-driven research and discovery process, we created a new brand name, identity, positioning, and architecture that projected the organization’s mission while balancing its historical authority and goals of building a bigger table of supporters to continue welcoming newcomers. The name “Global Refuge” captures the essence of the place the organization is creating for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in need.

A symbol of welcome

Inspired by Lady Liberty’s torch, the brand symbol underwent slight modernization into a circular shape while preserving the timeless reminder that immigration is American. Like the Statue of Liberty and its iconic torch, Global Refuge stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge, a welcoming symbol to those who come to our shores.

Engaging all stakeholders

An important element of the work was the design and implementation of a comprehensive and thoughtful brand rollout activation plan that met the specific needs of the different stakeholder groups of the organization. From donors to staff, government partners, and affiliate organizations, key voices across the organization were leveraged to tell the new brand story as well as explain the journey to make such an important and transformative decision.