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Following a thorough and collaborative process, AACOM’s positioning, identity and brand architecture all evolved to better reflect the energy, innovation and medical excellence of the individuals and entities it represents.

Brand Positioning

A story of building a future of health and wellness for all people.

Positioning statement excerpt

If you are called to care, inspired to cure, or see opportunity to empower others in their pursuit of happiness through their right to health and wellness, we exist for you. We are your partners on a journey to becoming the doctors you would want to treat you, your families, your friends and your communities. In a world of epidemics, pandemics, restrictive access and affordability, and underservice, we choose to build a world where every patient has the option to receive care based upon osteopathic principles and practice – by boldly leading the education community making that possible.

A symbol of medicine, unique to AACOM

The Rod of Asclepius, symbol of medicine, was strategically integrated into the mark. The icon also features a subtle ‘D’ and ‘O’ within the snake itself – uniquely merging two symbols of medicine, the Rod of Asclepius and the letters that identify osteopathic physicians.

A new narrative, identity and architecture

A new era of storytelling