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After a rapid ascent to the top ranking in world golf, Brooks Koepka needed a new visual identity and messaging platform to better reflect his elite status and to help attract a new class of sponsorships and partnerships.

Brand Positioning

Capturing Brooks’ energy, passion and personality

Positioning statement excerpt

Picture this. 90,000 fans are on their feet at ‘The Swamp.’ The Seminoles have traveled well, but it’s a see of blue. They’re angry. They’re loud. This is their house. At the 50-yard line we don’t see the customary Gator emblem. We see a putting green. There’s a ball 20-yards out from the hole. The green’s in decent shape, but the rain is heavy. It’s a downhill putt. Looks like a wicked break left to right. Hard to tell from the stands. The decibel meter on the big screen crosses the threshold into red. It’s all on the line. The crowd knows it. Brooks knows it. How could he not? He’s standing over the ball. It’s the biggest shot of his life.

There’s etiquette in golf. It’s a ‘gentleman’s’ game they say. Not a lot of heckling. Not a lot of smack talk. These fans couldn’t care less. And Brooks is OK with that. He likes it. He might even prefer it. He’s over the ball and brings the putter back. 

Does he make the putt?


Brand Identity Exploration

Power. Poise. Passion.


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