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CareFor, originally Nurses Case Management, is a senior care provider investing heavily into new service offerings and an expanded geographic footprint. They asked Legend Labs to help create a new name, brand, and identity that would help them take advantage of their growing offering and realize their vision of a holistic, world-class care organization.

Brand Positioning

Delivering Peace of Mind

Positioning statement excerpt

How does one deliver care when aging, illness, or injury can bring so much complexity, confusion, and even crisis? How does one make tough decisions under immense stress and navigate the complex medical landscape to ensure the needs of a loved one are met?

Whether its hands-on care, care management, assistance with legal issues, or even fixing a broken leg on your mother’s favorite chair, we bring compassion and control to every situation. You can rest assured that no matter how complex the challenge, we’re ready to work with you to find the right solution. And while it’s difficult to imagine a better life during the most overwhelming moments, you’ll know it when you see it. And when you see it, you’ll feel it.

Peace of mind. That’s what we deliver.

Brand Identity

A new visual identity that exudes peace, wellness, and health


Educating families and enabling easy access to care with Carefor’s new home on the web