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Seeking investment, the parking industry’s first cloud-based technology platform needed to reimagine its story. It also required a reexamination of the future of parking itself. The result: “Powering the Parking Evolution: From Garage to Mobility Hub” and a $60 million investment.

Brand Narrative & Message Development

Art Direction & Animation

Investor Deck Creation

A New Story

Introducing The Mobility Hub

Brand Positioning

The Mobility Hub Operating System

Positioning statement excerpt

More people, new consumption habits. More vehicles, new congestion challenges. Getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’ has never been more complex. More crowded. More costly.

And the solution has been sought in the ‘from’ and ‘to.’ The means and modes. But disruption in transportation has disrupted our commutes. So we look to the ‘A’ and ‘B,’ the assets labeled ‘P.’ The structures and spaces poised to eliminate lock from grid.Poised to put mobility in its place. Poised to power a smart city responsive to the ebb and flow of urban activity.

And in these assets where we see signs of incredible potential, customers are greeted with signs in sandwich board form. Nothing more than a sign of the times. A sign of industry stagnation and complacency, of untapped potential in operational and experiential excellence.

That is what we deliver. A technology suite equal to asset potential. The enemy of friction, unreliability, and cost. Parking perfected.

Textured 3D renderings and ‘small world scale’ design were leveraged to bring every part of the ‘Mobility Hub’ to life in a way that made futuristic concepts feel ‘here and now.’

Style Frames

The brand narrative and message architecture were designed to engage investors, but also to support sales initiatives with buyers at all levels; from single asset owners to urban planners and ‘smart city’ visionaries. The narrative featured three core components, each with supporting creative:

Perfecting the Parking Experience at Point Solutions

Delivering Enterprise Excellence…In a Flash

Networking Mobility
Hubs For Truly Smart Cities