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Simplebet, a betting technology startup that uses machine learning to enable real-time, in-game sports betting, needed a positioning and identity to support its launch and the subsequent rollout of its products.

Brand Positioning

How can sports betting bring fans closer to the games and athletes that they love? With a technology that makes every moment matter. 

Positioning statement excerpt 

The Play. The Drive. The Shot. The Catch… The Immaculate Reception. The Hand of God. The Miracle on Ice. The Shot Heard Around the World.

So few words…so simple…yet so powerfully they conjure vivid imagery, audio so crisp it’s as if you were there. Goosebumps for winners, daggers in old scars for losers. These aren’t seasons, whole games, full innings…these are moments. Minutes, seconds even, that separate winners from losers, icons from undrafted, hall of famers from the forgotten.

Moments bring us collectively to our feet. Moments raise arms to the sky and sink heads into hands. Moments are for everyone. Moments are sports.

We exist for moments. We exist in moments.

Brand Identity

Combining the sophistication and trust of FinTech with the familiar shapes and textures of sports.

Simplebet’s new logo took the simplest expression of a “moment,” an outlined dot above the ‘i’ and extended it into a system of X’s and O’s, synonymous with sports.

Brand and Product Videos

Showcasing the story and technology in the context of real sports moments.