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What's Your Legend?

In the digital age, brands are defined by people’s experiences, not by advertisers. Empowered by technology, people see through typical marketing messages; they want more authentic and meaningful engagement. People want to work for, buy from, and interact with brands that have a clear purpose, or Legend.

Successful brands are clear about what they stand for and how they benefit others. They understand their Legend and live it through every part of their business. They're consistent in what they say, what they do, and how they do it. And as technology and business models change, they use their Legend to adapt and innovate.


Strategy & Innovation with Purpose

Legend Labs is a brand strategy and innovation firm for the digital age. We work with clients that want to transform their businesses and brands to succeed in a rapidly changing, digitally driven world. We help organizations define, live, and communicate their brand purpose.


  • Brand & positioning strategy
  • Design & visual identity
  • Brand experience mapping


  • Digital transformation
  • Service & competency design
  • Brand & digital education


  • Social & emerging media strategy
  • Messaging & content creation
  • Sponsorships & partnerships


Our venture arm offers incubation and investment services, from idea to launch and beyond.

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